A Communal reDeFining of Vigorous Proportions


Although no official confirmation of the exact launch date has as of yet been given, the VIGOR borrow, lend, and reward protocol is set to go live in an official capacity sometime within the next month. Rocking up on the one year anniversary since it’s launch, the Vigor project differentiates itself a little from other leading DeFi projects presently out there in a number of subtle but important ways.

As a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation or DAC for short, it has tapped into the value of a number of skill sets that the broader EOS and blockchain community has to offer from building, finance, legal, marketing, integration, and a variety of other avenues. This means that the structure of every aspect of the project must go through the governance aspect of the VIGOR DAC from proposals right through to execution [1].

As a DAC, anyone who believes that they can bring value to the project is free to apply to be a member, which the acting custodians will weigh and approve those that they deem can help propel the project forward.

From a financial and tokenomics perspective, VIGOR is much more than a digital asset that maintains a stable value. Utilizing a mathematical engineered model preventing many instabilities that plague the present DeFi marketplace, the VIGOR protocol has addressed within its inception a host of backdoor loopholes seen recently as a bi-product of volatility causing massive gains for some and a loss for others [2].

Beyond the inner workings of the DAC, the functionality of the platform currently in the final stages of testing and getting ready for the public EOS launch, and understanding of the protocols that makes Vigor a different breed from almost everything out there at present, Vigor has been hard at work with forging connections with users of other projects in the space such as Boid, and GenPool reward proxies. In fact if your at all interested in Vigor we not only invite you to join the DAC, but also support us in these other limited window projects.

Boid, a project well known in the EOSIO space, is presently in the midst of Season 4 of Boid mining. In a nutshell, Boid utilizes the excess CPU and GPU from computers around the world to run complicated computations in an effort to enable better understanding of a variety of pressing matters that are in urgent need of being solved such as medical or cancer research and weather pattern studies. This season Boid has announced that it will focus their efforts towards the most pressing matter of the day — that being Corona Virus research. By joining the Vigor Boid team not only can you help by dedicating your spare CPU towards Boid’s mission, but should you place in the top 20 Boid miners on the Vigor team share in the 400,000 VIG tokens that have been put up for grabs. For those interested in partnering with Vigor in this Boid Season 4 Corona Virus Research initiative, head on over to our Vigor Boid Mining Telegram Channel to inquire more on how to get involved. Should you have any questions regarding the Vigor Boid team please check in with the telegram group at t.me/vigorboidmining [4].

On a secondary note, for those interested in supporting the Vigor DAC and Protocol project, the SupportVigor reward proxy offers incentive to help out Vigor in a mutually beneficial way. Simply proxy your vote to “supportvigor” or select supportvigor on genpool.io to support Vigor and earn rewards. Half of rewards received goes to you the voter and half goes to the Vigor DAC. And for any BP’s out there that may be reading please do add our ‘supportvigor’ proxy to your list of supported proxies on the Genpool BP support page.

As previously mentioned, with Vigor set to go live to the public on EOS rapidly approaching, be sure to stay tuned for any announcements regarding this, and possibly some surprises here and there in between. Your support is greatly appreciated and we would like to thank you as we collectively move towards a future in which we can all collectively share in ReDEFIning the future of DeFi. Go VIGOR!


[1] Vigor: A Borrow, Lend, and Save Community

[2] MakerDown:

[4] Vigor is on Season 4 of Boid Mining


Vigor Homepage: https://vigor.ai/

Vigor DAC and Memberclient: https://vig.ai/

Vigor Telegram: https://t.me/vigorprotocol

Vigor Twitter: https://twitter.com/vigorprotocol

Boid: https://www.boid.com/

Vigor Boid Team Telegram: https://t.me/vigorboidmining

GenPool BP Rewards Proxies: https://genpool.io/

The VIGOR DAC (https://www.vigor.ai/) is a low volatility cryptocurrency protocol running on EOSIO. The future of DeFi is here.