VIG Token Distribution

VIG is the utility token of the Vigor Protocol. The Vigor Protocol is a crypto lending decentralized application built on the EOS blockchain. With the Vigor Protocol, users can borrow, lend, and save a variety of select cryptocurrencies.

The VIG token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 VIG. The supply is fixed, with no inflation rate, and all 1,000,000,000 VIG tokens have been minted.

• 8% eosDAC Community: in appreciation for the use of their software

• 92% DAC and Developer Rewards: for research, engineering, deployment, business development, community building, distribution, staking resources, and long-term network governance.

There was no ICO or VC Funding or Angel Funding: Vigor is managed by the VDAC (Vigor Decentralized Autonomous Community) powered by the EOS community and open sourced EOSIO blockchain software.

The Development fund was used to fund the DAC Corpus for Vigor development and DAC operating costs.

The VIG in the DAC corpus is not in circulation but locked under multisig control and managed by the DAC custodians in the vigor protocol account/contract dacholding11. Vigor Custodians and candidates are rewarded from the Vigor DAC corpus. Their Rewards may reduce over time, being decided by future Custodians.

The DAC will manage its VIG corpus like a permanent capital portfolio paying out annually only the average of the past three years total returns to preserve the purchasing power for multigeneration survival, the same thing endowments and foundations do.

The VIG in the DAC Corpus can be monitored in real-time with the Vigor Stats dashboard.

Vigor DAC Corpus life data can be found here:

VIG Circulating Supply API:

Vigor Accounting Stats:

Vigor Protocol Account / Contract:



Vigor DAC:

Vigor App:

Vigor Stats:

Vigor Documentation:





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Vigor Dac

The VIGOR DAC ( is a low volatility cryptocurrency protocol running on EOSIO. The future of DeFi is here.