Vigor App Walk Throughs

As many of you already know, the Vigor Protocol officially dropped the gatekeeper and opened up the Vigor App to the public. Needless to say that there were a lot of people in the public waiting and watching for this monumental event all throughout the road to launch countdown phases. For a recap on all that went down towards the process of further decentralization, security, and other goodness check out Vigor Road to Launch Meets the Open Ocean.

Of course, being an early advocate, DAC custodian, and long time supporter of what Vigor has set out to accomplish, mBlu Crypto was all over the launch and released a very timely and thorough overview and walk through of the Vigor App which we thought might be of some interest to all those that would like to see in a little more detail what Vigor has to offer.

In addition, another custodian of the Vigor DAC and long time supporter HodlEOS put together a tutorial walk through of sorts that highlights some of the key points of the Vigor App that is equally as well worth checking out.

Long story short, the Vigor DAC is proud to have the Vigor Protocol officially live on the Vigor App and look forward to all the community has to say after they they hop on in for a play.

Of course we do greatly appreciate all those that have both helped get this to where it is today and as well, all those that have taken the time to previously check it out. And of course those that take the time to put together tutorials and videos like those above educating people about what the Vigor App can do hold a very special place in the DAC’s heart. Should you wish to learn more or shout these great tutorials out on their original channels please do check out the links below for more info.

Vigor DAC and Protocol

mBlu Crypto




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