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Free Transactions (CPU) on the Vigor App

The Vigor Protocol is now offering free transactions for users of the app.

Vigor Protocol Speed/Scalability Increase

One of the more significant updates since launch is a decrease in resource requirements for internal contract actions. Average max CPU usage was reduced from 5ms to 2ms.

CPU Scalability: Drop for Internal Transactions (Increase Scalability)

Chinese, Korean Vigor Protocol App Now Live

The Vigor Protocol app ( versions in Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Turkish, and Vietnamese are now live with more languages coming soon.

New Vigor App Mobile Wizard

The Loan Wizard (Step by Step Guide) for mobile users has been optimized to offer a more seamless experience.

Reward + Fee Tracking (VIG/Day)

One of the most frequently asked for features was VIG/day for rewards and loan fees. These numbers can now be found below the rates on each utility box on (Lend, Savings, VIGOR Loans, Crypto Loans).

VIG Rewards/day
VIG Fees/day

VIG Staking to Vote for BPs in Proxy Approved

The Vigor DAC Custodians approved the proposal to allow VIG staking to vote on BPs for the Vigorrewards proxy. The DAC is now exploring options to incorporate this utility for VIG tokens.

New DAC Client Testing (DAClify)

As the DAC moves towards giving VIG holders and Protocol users more voting power, testing of DAClify has begun.

New BP Added To Reward Proxy

The list of BPs paying rewards to Vigor Protocol EOS deposits continues to grow. Now up to 12 BPs on the Vigorrewards proxy.

Exploration of Adding New Tokens to the Vigor App

Thus far users of the Vigor App have the ability to lend and borrow EOS, VIG, VIGOR, and USDT, as well as lock VIGOR into savings. Vigor is actively working with some other teams towards adding other valuable tokens from the EOS ecosystem in order to benefit both the users of the app and these projects which we believe have solid foundations and deserve our support and attention. This will be an ongoing endeavor as we continue to build out our supported tokens towards enabling the borrow, lending, and in some cases maybe even saving of tokens that would be mutually beneficial to all involved.

New Video Guides Guide (Vigor Protocol DeFi App)

Vigor Lending Pool Guide (Lend Crypto, Get Rewards)

Vigor Loan Protection Levels



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