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New Updates/Features Since Launch

Thanks to a great community and incredible efforts by the member of the Vigor DAC, the progress has continued well after the full public launch of the Vigor app just a month ago. Quite a lot has been happening both out front and behind the scenes — so for those that are curious, here are all the goods!

In a recent CryptoTicker article “Top 6 EOS Based DeFi Products”, Vigor Protocol was ranked in the number 2 spot. Give it a read at

500+ Users

Vigor Protocol DeFi App Users Users

It’s great to see this total steadily and continually rise. Keep in mind that the majority of the users on Vigor are active users either taking advantage of the lending savings or loans aspects of the platform. As the active users continue to climb so too does the scale at which Vigor can grow and support its users. Due to the manner in which the Vigor Protocol is structured, the more people using the platform means the more lenders and insurers there are which in turn creates an exponential growth potential for all who currently involved or wish to partake in the future. Next stop, 1000 ;D

Free Transactions (CPU) on the Vigor App

The Vigor Protocol is now offering free transactions for users of the app.

As of now, users connecting to the app with Scatter or Anchor wallets can select “Free Transactions” from the menu as seen in the image below.

Not having to worry about resource costs is something that really enhances the usability of DeFi products in general and Vigor is proud to have added this feature to enable a variety of users to join and use the protocol and app.

Vigor Protocol Speed/Scalability Increase

One of the more significant updates since launch is a decrease in resource requirements for internal contract actions. Average max CPU usage was reduced from 5ms to 2ms.

These improvements allow the Vigor Protocol to scale even further than before.

CPU Scalability: Drop for Internal Transactions (Increase Scalability)

Chinese, Korean Vigor Protocol App Now Live

The Vigor Protocol app ( versions in Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Turkish, and Vietnamese are now live with more languages coming soon.







Providing the ability for users with a variety of first tongues is something that many crypto products lack, but part of the beauty of being a DAC is that Vigor is comprised of users from all over the world that were willing to help spread the benefits of the Vigor Protocol and App throughout a variety of global districts and languages. This is a really valuable addition not only for users of those languages, but for all users for the simple reason that as mentioned above, the more people utilize the various aspects of the protocol the better the experience for all should become.

New Vigor App Mobile Wizard

The Loan Wizard (Step by Step Guide) for mobile users has been optimized to offer a more seamless experience.

Reward + Fee Tracking (VIG/Day)

One of the most frequently asked for features was VIG/day for rewards and loan fees. These numbers can now be found below the rates on each utility box on (Lend, Savings, VIGOR Loans, Crypto Loans).

VIG Rewards/day
VIG Fees/day

The addition of these numbers offers users of the Vigor App a unique feature with specified personal analytics to be able to easily monitor and keep track of all your actions on the platform. In combination with with the Vigor Stats page (, this feature makes the Vigor App one of the most advanced in terms of tracking and viewing all activities on the platform in both a personal and transparent community manner on the market.

VIG Staking to Vote for BPs in Proxy Approved

The Vigor DAC Custodians approved the proposal to allow VIG staking to vote on BPs for the Vigorrewards proxy. The DAC is now exploring options to incorporate this utility for VIG tokens.

New DAC Client Testing (DAClify)

As the DAC moves towards giving VIG holders and Protocol users more voting power, testing of DAClify has begun.

DAClify is built by a Vigor DAC custodian with Vigor DAC in mind and offers many of the features the DAC is looking to expand on.

Vigor is proud to be one of the first projects to jump into DAClify and help out with the testing and optimization of how it will all eventually work. Vigor’s collaboration in the testing phase offers a unique opportunity to continue to optimize not only our unique governance structure as a DAC, but also how it can be implemented to the greatest potential for all users involved.

New BP Added To Reward Proxy

The list of BPs paying rewards to Vigor Protocol EOS deposits continues to grow. Now up to 12 BPs on the Vigorrewards proxy.

Thanks to the BPs on the Vigor Proxy:













Exploration of Adding New Tokens to the Vigor App

Thus far users of the Vigor App have the ability to lend and borrow EOS, VIG, VIGOR, and USDT, as well as lock VIGOR into savings. Vigor is actively working with some other teams towards adding other valuable tokens from the EOS ecosystem in order to benefit both the users of the app and these projects which we believe have solid foundations and deserve our support and attention. This will be an ongoing endeavor as we continue to build out our supported tokens towards enabling the borrow, lending, and in some cases maybe even saving of tokens that would be mutually beneficial to all involved.

New Video Guides

Vigor Loan Protection Levels

Come and give the Vigor Protocol a try with the Vigor Crypto Lending DeFi Application at or join the Vigor DAC help us continue to build something truly remarkable at

Vigor DAC and Protocol Links

The Vigor Protocol is a fully on chain DeFi application that enables borrowing, lending, and saving crypto.



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