Vigor Protocol Rewards: A Brief Introduction

The Vigor Protocol is the backbone of a decentralized automated lending platform built by the Vigor DAC allowing community members to Borrow, Lend, and Save.

Vigor Protocol has a few different options allowing members to take part and earn rewards. The supportvigor reward proxy is controlled by the Vigor DAC. Rewards are split down the middle 50/50 between voters and the Vigor DAC. In addition to proxy rewards, supporters of supportvigor proxy also get REX rewards. And of course, don’t forget that the other side of the coin — that primarily this allows for the support of the Vigor DAC and protocol helping to do what we do best — reDeFine finance via DeFi for the better of us all.

Vigor App: By utilizing the Vigor App to lend EOS, members get rewarded in the trifecta of lending rewards, REX rewards, and Proxy rewards. Just another way for Vigor to support in a mutual way our supporters.

If your interested in learning more about the Vigor Protocol or the Vigor DAC, please visit and subscribe to our official channels below. As a community DAC, we are all about keeping you as up to date and informed as we possibly can, whichever socials your prefer to frequent.

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Disclaimer: The VIGOR Protocol is not a Financial or Payment Service of any kind and in any Jurisdiction. The VIGOR Protocol and Smart Contract does not accept as collateral or insurance or work at all with security tokens of any kind and with fiat or asset backed stablecoins, whether global or limited in scope. The VIGOR protocol does not allow, process or facilitate in any way user-to-user transfer of any token or other assets or values, nor third party payments of any kind.

The Vigor DAC and its Members and Custodians do not own or control the VIGOR Protocol, but simply contribute in its development, maintenance and security in a fully decentralized way.

An independent, public no-profit association incorporated in Singapore and composed of VIGOR Protocol developers and enthusiasts and Vigor DAC members and Custodians, denominated VIGOR DAC LTD., oversees that the core principles of the DAC, the Protocol and the Whitepaper are respected and ensures complete decentralization and independence is always safekept and maintained.



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