No ICOs , No VCs, just members of the crypto community coming together.

Developers, Marketers, Business Executives , Project Managers, Governance professionals and Community builders all with the common goal to reDeFine decentralized finance.

From a humble start with only a few, the DAC has blossomed to over 150 custodian candidates from across the world, each with their own set of skills, and totalling 8+ languages, and formed Vigor DAC Ltd., a legal entity officially registered in Singapore.

As we prepare for the official public launch of the Vigor Protocol, the efforts of the DAC working groups are proof of what a DAC can do, with zero funding.

Join the DAC and assist the effort to reDeFine DeFi with the Vigor Protocol

Further Resources

To see our very talented list of DeFi entrepreneurs and/or to add your name and talents to the list, check the Vigor DAC and client site at

To read up on what’s been happening with all the progress we have made in the last year and our stance of what the DeFi revolution should be, check us out on Everipedia at Vigor Protocol & DAC, Trybe.One, EOS Writer, and Twitter or get in touch with the Vigor community on Telegram.

You can also see our official documentation at and check out Vigor stats at

And for those of you that are new to Vigor and not quite sure where to begin, here are some links to get you up to speed and upon your way to become vigorously enlightened on the the future of what DeFi could and should be…

And if all that doesn’t have you excited enough, don’t forget, the one year anniversary is just the beginning as before you know it we will be live and the revolution will truly and irreversibly be underway!

The VIGOR DAC ( is a low volatility cryptocurrency protocol running on EOSIO. The future of DeFi is here.